© Domaine Roche-Audran

Vinification and Ageing :
Alliance of rosé de saignée (bled wines) and direct pressing.Bottled after six months ageing in concrete vats.

Tasting notes for vintage 2016 :
Our Rosé combines sweetness of Mediterranean wine and fresques of ours terroirs with north exposure.A fruity nose of strawberry and citrus notes. Aromas of citrus and exotic fruits.To be served as an aperitif, or with summery salads, pizzas, grilled meats and fishes like red mulletServe  at 9° C.

Appellation : Côtes du Rhône
Terroir : BUISSON - Very complex soils, composed of clay and limestone earth covered by pebbles of marine and alluvial origin.
Blend :  secret....
Area, yield and age of vineyard : 2 hectares, 40 hl /ha, 30 years